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Help for your Mind and Emotions when you are feeling a little lost.


"A long sought after opportunity to be me: to explore my feelings about myself and my world.

I have discovered meaning where there was nothing, fulfilment where there was only emptiness and peace where fear had dwelt so long."  Marie

"I now feel some hope for the future, prior to seeing Dr Hensman I had given up on life. I had no sense of self, (I did not know who I really was). Dr Hensman has helped me to look inside myself for answers to my problems. I feel I have become less judgmental and thus more open minded and more peaceful in life."


"Working with Dr Hensman I have felt able to express (sometimes) all my feelings: anger, hurt, abandonment, bitterness, without fear of contradiction, chastisement, ridicule.

"I feel a safety I’ve never felt before. Without Cognitive Emotional Education/Training I believe I would be lost in a never ending, spiraling, horrible vortex."


Consultant Profile
I am a retired Consultant Clinical Psychologist. I originally offered a clinical psychology service in the North West of England (as far back as 1985) . As a mental health officer and clinical manager in the NHS I specialised in the assessment and treatment of characterological and complex emotional management disorders; schema focused cognitive-emotional therapy and mindfulness approaches to mental ill-health.  I have 15 years of experience of working as a Consultant on acute psychiatric units, including a high risk ABI (acquired brain injury) unit and an eating disorders unit. I have specialist knowledge in the assessment and treatment of OCD, Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and the treatment of a broad range of affective disorders (depression, stress, anger and anxiety etc) and eating disorders. I am an experienced group therapist with over 25 years of experience of working with individuals and groups, both in the NHS and the Manchester community.
A former Assistant Professor in Psychology (Pennsylvania State University 1982-3) I have provided lectures and seminars to Clinical Psychology students and Psychiatrists (training for Membership of the Royal College of Psychiatry) at the University Hospital of South Manchester and Liverpool Royal. I have also been module coordinator and invited lecturer in personal development in Clinical Psychology at Liverpool University. I have published and presented internationally on the psychopharmacology of anxiety and emotional conditioning, including the effects of stress in senior and chief executives in a major 10 nation study.
The major influences upon my practice and educational philosophy have been "A Course in Miracles" (channeled by Helen Schucman) and the Pathwork Lecture's (channeled by Eva Pierrakos)
NB I retired from active work as a registered Consultant Clinical Psychologist two years ago in order to work more as an educator with people suffering from a variety of symtoms related to short term and long term symptoms of emotional stress ( or psychological 'un-wellness'.) 
Our work, in this respect, involves educating people in a process of self-study whereby as 'students' (not patients!) they learn more about their own mind and how it works. This involves a step-by-step process of self-earning and self-honesty. 
In time this process of self-learning helps a person feel more integrated - giving them a greater sense of their own self-worth and peace-of-mind.
The process of self discovery (also known as self-enlightenment or self-integration) invariably helps students to manage their often complex emotional difficulties as well as (in time) their lives.
All Students interested in Self Learning need view "The Cure for Guilt and Anger" as required reading for tuition. This document will be available at the initial meeting. 


Office Address = 39 Chorley New Road, Bolton BL1 2DR

Mobile  07875 415079                              Email:

Cost: £60
NB Reduced from £120 to £60 per session (since my retirement).

NB A single session may last between 60-80 minutes depending on a student's preference.
Concessionary rate for students, senior citizens, low income groups and unemployed = £40

We also accept payment in Bitcoin and Litecoin on request.


A suggested initial course of therapy/education is normally between 6 and 9 sessions depending upon a student’s preference and progress.


  • NB Students accepting and arranging appointments are asked to confirm attendance (or otherwise, if they are unable to attend) either before or early on the day of their appointment.
  • The Consultancy Office:

39 Chorley New Road, Bolton does not have a waiting room, therefore on arrival please ring bell No5 (labelled Dr Hensman) at time of appointment.