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Cognitive-Emotional Therapy (CET) and Mindfulness

Therapy for Mind, Body and Soul

Dr Robin Hensman is an expert Consultant Clinical Psychologist and author of an advanced model of cognitive therapy known as cognitive emotional therapy or CET*.

CET successfully incorporates recent advances in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness in the treatment of all forms of psychological and emotional distress, including:

Anxiety, Sleep & Phobic problems,

Depression & Anger Management,

OCD and Aspergers related difficulties,

PTSD & Road Traffic Accidents (Including Medico-legal assesment)

 Multiple Personality Disorder (DID)

Eating Disorders & Relationship difficulties.

(*CET is an individual therapy approach but group work is periodically available)

In relation to Dr Hensman's work with Cognitive Emotional Therapy an official NHS report stated:

“...patients reported that they found the approach often helped them in ways that normal psychiatric services had not been able".

In a 10 year NHS Trial over 80% of patients employing this approach improved & any clients on medication were often able to safely reduce their medication or come of it completely.


"A long sought after opportunity to be me: to explore my feelings about myself and my world.

I have discovered meaning where there was nothing, fulfilment where there was only emptiness and peace where fear had dwelt so long."  Marie

"I now feel some hope for the future, prior to seeing Dr Hensman I had given up on life. I had no sense of self, (I did not know who I really was). Dr Hensman has helped me to look inside myself for answers to my problems. I feel I have become less judgmental and thus more open minded and more peaceful in life." Tom

"Working with Dr Hensman I have felt able to express (sometimes) all my feelings: anger, hurt, abandonment, bitterness, without fear of contradiction, chastisement, ridicule.

"I feel a safety I’ve never felt before. Without Cognitive Emotional Training I believe I would be lost in a never ending, spiraling, horrible vortex." Bryn

(For More Early Consumer Responses to CET Click "About" above)

Psychological, Cognitive and Emotional Therapy for Mind, Body and Soul

The aim of CET is to offer professional, personalised psychological education, designed to bring about a greater sense of balance, improved self-harmony and self-confidence to any troubled mind genuinely interested in change. A core feature of this education is its focus on improving a person’s mindfulness and self knowledge, as the primary means by which a person, in time, will experience a greater sense of Peace of Mind and an aligned reduction of symptoms of dystress.

This therapeutic approach offered through CET has been designed by Dr.R. Hensman, an experienced Consultant Clinical Psychologist and former NHS Consultant Mental Health Officer with over 30 years experience in NHS, in private practice and overseas. Dr Hensman is an Expert in the field of Mindfulness, having taught and practised psychological therapy and Organisational Psychology in Britain and United States (as a former Associate Professor of Penn State University).

Over this time as an expert in the field Dr Hensman has successfully pioneered the CET model both in hospital and community settings and across a broad spectrum of psychological and emotional illness.

The aim of the Cognitive Emotional Therapy is to facilitate greater individual psychological knowledge in order to promote greater peace of mind and well-being. This frequently results not only in a loss of symtoms of stress and greater self integration/coherence but also improved family and social harmony.

  • A complimentary initial consultation (CIC) is available for those wishing to make enquiries or assess suitability.
  • A course of therapy is normally between 6 and 9 sessions depending upon a clients preference and progress. A therapeutic session (normally between 70-80 minutes duration) is £125 with a concessionary rate of £60 for students, low income groups and the unemployed (NB We also accept payment in bitcoin on request).

  • Students accepting and arranging appointments are asked to respect a consultant's time and expertise as much as possible by committing to their regular appointments and texting to confirm attendance (or otherwise, if they are unable to attend) either before or early on the day of their appointment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             NB The Consultancy Office at 39 Chorley New Road, Bolton does not have a waiting room, therefore on arrival please ring bell No5 (labelled Dr Hensman) at time of appointment i.e. not before.